Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy but Hilarious!

I thought that everyone would get a kick out of this story...So, I open my e-mail this morning and see a "Thanks for you order" from Amazon. Funny cuz I have no money to be ordering anything from Amazon. So, I open the e-mail and see that 3 different Hot Wheels things were purchased totaling with tax and shipment over $90! So, I call Ben to see if he ordered stuff without letting me know, and nope. So, come to find out when Ethan was on playing Hot Wheels online he decided to "make a list" of what he wanted cuz his B-day is the 25th. Apparently he didn't understand that Add to Cart meant he was actually purchasing the item onto our Amazon card. So, now I have to wait for one of the packages and refuse it. The other package is being shipped from another company so I had to contact them to find out what I can do to cancel the purchase. Unfortunately I had to leave a message. Urg! I guess the kids need to have games that don't require the internet. But, I have to admit this story is pretty hillarious! Hope that everyone else has days like these that make them laugh, even if it cost me over $90 (which hopefully will all get refunded before the bill is due!)