Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little sister is getting married

This last weekend Ben's little sister Kellie went on a trip with her boyfriend to Port Angeles and Forks. When she came home she was engaged. We are so very happy for Kellie and Nate. We can't wait to find out their date.

Sad trip to Port Angeles.

We recently made an unexpected and sad trip to Port Angeles. My cousin, Jacob Bird, shot himself; he was 16. We made the trip over the mountains and into some of the most beautiful country on earth. It was a sad occasion but worth the trip to reunite with family and share our lives with one another. The memorial was perfect and gave people an appropriate way to say goodbye to an awesome young man. He will be dearly missed and held closely in our hearts for all our days.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Free Game for Cyber Monday

I know that I don't blog all that much but with the prospect of winning a new game I thought I better. I love to play games and would love to have a new game to try out. Hopefully now that we are in our new house we can start having game nights. Anyway, I wish everyone good luck in their efforts to win a new game with this upcoming holiday season! Happy Cyber Monday!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy but Hilarious!

I thought that everyone would get a kick out of this story...So, I open my e-mail this morning and see a "Thanks for you order" from Amazon. Funny cuz I have no money to be ordering anything from Amazon. So, I open the e-mail and see that 3 different Hot Wheels things were purchased totaling with tax and shipment over $90! So, I call Ben to see if he ordered stuff without letting me know, and nope. So, come to find out when Ethan was on playing Hot Wheels online he decided to "make a list" of what he wanted cuz his B-day is the 25th. Apparently he didn't understand that Add to Cart meant he was actually purchasing the item onto our Amazon card. So, now I have to wait for one of the packages and refuse it. The other package is being shipped from another company so I had to contact them to find out what I can do to cancel the purchase. Unfortunately I had to leave a message. Urg! I guess the kids need to have games that don't require the internet. But, I have to admit this story is pretty hillarious! Hope that everyone else has days like these that make them laugh, even if it cost me over $90 (which hopefully will all get refunded before the bill is due!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally some more pictures for everyone!
Ben of course with all his nicknames for the kids:-)

The Bugger and The Bean!
The Bugger has such a cute smile!

The Monkey and Bean!
Handsome Devils ain't they?!
Jessa (Monster) and Bean.
My word Jessa is growing up so fast!

Blake in his little blessing outfit

Kadie showing off her own fashion

Ethan loses his first tooth!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome Blake "Bean" Joseph Anderson

We'd like to welcome and introduce Blake Joseph Anderson (aka Bean).   
Born: Jan. 17th 2009 @ 7:36 pm Kadlec Richland.
Weight: 9lbs. 4oz. (Yes you read that right)
Height: 20.25 in
Head: HUGE!!! (Think toddler size)
We took him home last night (1/18/09) and he kinda slept in his crib. He doesn't cry very loud, but he squeaks a lot.  

He is welcomed by his brother and sisters; Jessa, Ethan, and Kadie. 

Karen will add more pictures...I was just in a hurry to get my two cents in.  WELCOME BEAN WE LOVE YOU!!!!